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CnC Red Alert : MODDING technical question #3


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Hi folks,


The flamethrower unit of RA1 really sucks. When I began playing in the rules.ini files, I experimented with this unit almost immediately.


My idea was to invent a heavy machine gunner which would relatively fit the units SHP appearance. I replaced Primary=Flamer with Primary=ChainGun ( aircraft machinegun ) which worked successfully with the flame infantry vs. ground units. This naturally would break the default skirmish balance but then came the need to remove ChainGun from the YAK and HIND.


I focused on the YAK and hoped to add napalm bomlets as weapon but once adapted, i could not find out how to adjust the accuracy of the projectile.


The yak would fly towards the selected enemy target and never hit accurately.





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That are my settings for a Yak Napalm Bomber, comes pretty close as you can get, so it will hit bigger stuff like power plants, refineries, but still miss billboxes etc.
























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I have struggled for years making dropping projectiles accurate. my conclusion, you cant.

However I did come up with something. I gave the weapon a very slow speed, like 10. I used a big bomb looking SHP which is a rotating 32 frame projectile. The key is to make ROT=1 because that makes it ever so slightly "homing" but not even enough to notice. The speed=10 makes it appear like its dropping and with ROT=1 it "drops" right on target. Also having a short weapon range like 3 makes it look even more like it dropping.


I had a similar problem trying to make a plane with a plasma blast weapon. It kept missing everytime and changing ROT=1 on the projectile fixed it and you cant really notice the "homing"

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