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Testers needed for Linux Mint and Ubuntu downloads (Debian package)

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11 hours ago, SoulInferno said:

In this way CnCnet would be updated over the update software of Linux automatically.


Oh, the package actually doesn't contain a lot useful things, it was mainly made to simplify the installation. That means it almost never gets updated...

Updates are done for the windows installer only, which in turn is getting downloaded by the launcher in the .deb! That makes things a lot easier, we only have to maintain 1 installer for all platforms. 




11 hours ago, SoulInferno said:

And next is there a way to play in my native language? 

If not help me archive this I have the German CDs laying around here.. 

I want the german text in combination with the uncuts from the english version. That would be optimum to play like this. 


It should set the game language to german by default (If your OS language is set to german too). At least the text+sound effects are in German, the cutscenes not.


If your game is in english, then download the german uncensored addon and extract the .mix file into your game directory:



Your game should be installed somewhere here:



Make sure you enable the german language in the config program afterwards.



To get the german cutscenes:

Insert the first CD and copy the file "main.mix" from your CD into your game directory.

Insert the second CD and copy the file "main.mix" from your CD renamed to "movies-10.mix" into your game directory.




You will end up with uncensored text, but censored cutscenes. There are no uncensored german cutscenes yet :(



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