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TSmaps for high level game play.


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When I was playing during last year I noticed three maps that did not get the exposure they deserve.


Terrace will always be the main battlefield, Forest Fires is fun for 3vs3 and 4vs4 games.


Three maps that should be played allot more in my opinion are "Throwback" and "Blast from the past" by Atombombu and Area51 by Seb.


Throwback is a great terrace style map with allot more possibilities in very long games due to more and bigger tibfields in the middle to clash over. The map also have great balance between spots and nice small features in the landscape that makes game play interesting and varying.


"Blast from the past" is such a fun and epic map for 4vs4 and 3vs3. The huge amount of money combined with big teams makes the map all about action and intense battles from beginning to the en, and if game goes long it gets crazy with potential for huge and powerful bases. In 3vs3 if one player in a team gets spawned fare away from other two ppl tend to forget to support him tho since he usualy gets doubled or tripled.


Well it is all about what maps the host of game rooms are willing to putt on more frequently.


To all of you complaining and whining when some one puts on one of the above mentioned maps. :ranting:

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I really enjoy Area 51!


The only thing, is that the tunnels don't work.  Looking at the tunnel in middle right, and the outpost in middle left, it also seems Seb meant to make a tunnel connecting those points.  I think a lot of very magical things are possible with tunnels!


I have been behind, but eventually plan on fixing the tunnels in this map, or maybe someone else can in the mean time.


It will be a realllly nice map to play once the tunnels are working.

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Area 51 is a completely epic map 3v3. I love it. So well done. The tunnel glitches are like little extras that haven't been discovered yet. One day humble will patch those and the map will become something truly amazing.


Blast from the past is a simple yet powerfully fun map.  It's like a mod map but made by the TS Gods just to show us what's posible.



All... if you see someone hosting one of these maps, it's your duty to join and play....!

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