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problem on TDR 1.3


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im using:

window xp...

p4 1.5.

512 ddram

256 memory geforce video card


i know its kinda old pc but i just really wanted to try this mod...

and i dont know how to run as a administrator... please help..


i downloaded the latest version and the easy launcher...

but the problem is when im installing it... it always have the error that i mention on my previous message...



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i hope so... he comes around... im just waiting for him so that he can instruct me what to do... so that i can finally play this mod.... btw... i have the first decade version of the game... could it be a problem???

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Hello, im just new here.. and I downloaded the latest version 1.3 but im having a problem... can you please help me...?? please?? i really like to play this mod... umm.. this is the problem.. it happen when im installing the mod.. and it reads like this...


"00_CCTDRDXAUDIO.Tdr" This file contains invalid da. (erkon 21FC).


What does it means???


can you help guys???


I have the first decade version of the command and conquer generals zero hour.





That is my previous message.

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Sorry I have been busy with my real life unfortunately, but here I am.


Yes, Check the file if it does not show a GDI Nod Logo and is less than 669MB Then it is likely that your download got corrupted by either bad internet connection/bandwidth or antivirus/firewall or even the notoriously buggy Windows Vista and Windows 7 OS not reading the installer properly.


Those are the main issues... ;)

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