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Demand & Encore 4 Thai Beer Till Light released in the US!


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What have you done to me!?


Today marks the end of C&C in the United Spades States! Peace & Diplomacy Comrades & Colours Demand & Encore 4 Thai Beer Till Light Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight! Has been released in the US


We will be able to build construction yards, harvest tiberium, build bases, and build massive armies with a sidebar in the newest C&C!


No! But we got all new awesome features like: Tiberium powerups! Population Cap! 10 player online! No LAN! Restrictive DRM!


The good thing is Unfortunately for Europeans the end this awesome game is delayed 3 more days for some reason.....so see you in StarCraft 2 on Battle.net C&C4 online if you want to play a new modern RTS game true to its past!




C&C4? What's that? Lets play some Red Alert!


And that was a attempt at being funny, brought to you by Tore! All your base are belong to us! (What base?)

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