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C&C and W7


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Hey guys. I recently purchased a PC that came with W7 (my laptop retired, so this kind of replaces it. Besides, it was really cheap compared to all that came with it). It's better than Vista for sure, but I have some problems with the C&C games and utilities. I already fixed the inverted colours -error with TD and RA, but CnCNet won't run at all (shuts down as I run the program, even with different compatibility settings and running as admin) and neither will TS (says there are DLLs missing) or RA2 (I get a *fatal* string initialize error). Any help with these? Thanks in advance, and if you need more info of specs or anything, just ask.


EDIT: I tested Generals and ZH and they work fine other than that the main menu won't show the battle in background (just a still image) and there plays no music.


EDIT2: Nvm about TS and RA2. I got them working.

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B/c I do not want to post another thread about the same problem this person has (and clutter up the forum in the process), I simply wish to state that I encountered the same problem with RA2--that fatal "string" error. I tried the cncsetup idea but that didn't work--now what?

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Sorry; should've clarified.


I am having the string error when I attempt to run "Yuri's Revenge"--and yes, I am running it as administrator.


EDIT: I have gotten a new computer recently--Win. 7 Home Premium. It had given me that string error message; I resized the screen to 16 bit but kept my original screen res.

Oddly enough...the string error message disappeared and from then on, the game worked.


(Don't know how THAT happened but it did).

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