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[HISTORY]: Your RA2 Career?


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My introduction to C&C was through Red Alert on PlayStation 1, which me and my half-brother used to play back in 1997 when I was 7 years old. We'd hook up two PlayStations with a link cable and we each played on our own TV in the same room. Of course we played hour long games against each other, agreeing to no attacking and no harvester killing for an hour and agreeing not to look at the others TV to see what he is doing. It was heaps of fun, we used to build armies of Mammoth Tanks and huge walls of Tesla Coils. Needless to say we also were both huge noobs. I remember one day when I was attacking with something while he went to the toilet and when he came back I had already taken out his entire plane army or whatever it was. Boy, he was pissed.


Well, I first started playing RA2 on my first own PC in 2003 having had extremely tough times with the last Allied campaign. At this time I lived in rural Slovenia where there was no internet so I never played it online, until...


Eventually mid 2006 when I moved to Germany and got 2 Mbit/s ADSL  :D  I started playing RA2 online. I only played mod maps with other noobs until early 2007. That's when I started playing QM and got good pretty quick. I only played until August 2007 though, then moved house.


Well, I picked it back up February 2008 (on neighbors WiFi) and would have gotten a rank #5 HoF that month but the German "Zwangstrennung" which is an ADSL disconnect every 24 hours to free IP addresses cost me that game. Oh well.


From then on I started becoming a better and better player amassing a bunch of HoFs: http://xwis.net/ra2/hall-of-fame/



March: Rank #7 SiRaLeX

April - June: Did not play.

July: Rank #7 MiLeY

August: Rank #6 VeronicaS

September - November: Again did not play because of no internet and school

December: Rank #8 AlyAndAJ



January - March: Did not play.

April: Rank #10 AlohaVivi

May: Rank #5 UnSun

June:Rank #6 Miley

July: I actually built a Phenom II X4 GTX260 DDR3 machine and played mostly newer games.

August: Rank #9 Faithy (aka Faith from Mirror's Edge  :P)

September: Rank #4 SexyLucyP (at this point and all throughout 2010 I've started recording a lot of games and put them on YouTube)

October: Did not play.

November: Rank #5 ESTK

December: Rank #6 Rodriguez (aka Rodriguez sisters from ESTK)



January: Rank #1 SiRaLeX

February: Rank #1 ParamoreX

March: Rank #7 MizBiz

April - July: Wasn't playing including half of March

August: Rank #1 Vanessa

September: Rank #1 SceneGirL

October: Rank #2 SWEETNaMx

November: Rank #1 tATu

December: OK, so this is where I actually went terribly wrong. I used the xmas holidays to write a functioning "ladder hack" that actually worked. On 6th January I used it against a player in QM who had disconnected me several times in the previous months and got permanently banned without any warning 64 days ban...



August: #8 HopeSolo (I was actually banned at this point pretending to be some fictional "Herbert" using a dutch VPN and playing on my old Yuri serial that they didn't ban and didn't even aim for anything but fun and still got into HoF, haha!)



September: This is where all permanent bans on XWIS were lifted and EA was giving away free serials. I actually went out of my way and installed Windows 7 again just to start playing RA2 after being assured that I can come back.

November: #8 Kiarely

December: #7 SceneGirL



January: #5 VeronicaS

February: #6 SiRaLeX

March: #7 AlexGoMAD

April - May: Did not play.

June: #10 SiRaLeX

July: #2 SiRaLeX

August: #7 SiRaLeX

September: #1 SiRaLeX



Let us know your RA2 career too! I'm curious to know!  :redalert:




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On my phone so dont hate lol...


Same here i started playing on ps1 red alert retalition!.

I played tiberian sun and red alert 2 online in like 2001 but only mod maps, i was 11 and rarely had internet for more than 2 months in a row.

In late 2005 i started playing yuris revenge online and played rawr map (tons of grms in middle ) and bay of pigs.


In 2006 i made my first clan predators of darkness and invited everyone with a high rank, lol. Funny enough tej, tj aka buffalo was in this clan :P. I one mapped dune patrol and dry heat... in february i joined my first hof clan (2006) with mr kinkysex on here. But i was only allowed to cm on dry heat and dune patrol lmfao. Sometime after that i met Brett, we had similar playing styles (he was sov at this time) and we decided wed be a good team. I went on to be in a hof clan every single month after that until i quit the game! But it  was in 2007 i was at my best. This is when i got rank 3 qming. And few rank1 two man and three man clans. And even a rank 4 double allied clan and we only played half the month due to internet problems! My micro was so good during these times i was such a nerd, altho im probably a bit smarter now, definitely way faster...

During those times i would bounce around to red alert 2 i forget most of those clans however as id join a new one just to play since ra2 didnt really matter to me. I did get a couple rank 1 two man clans on there with latof. And a few hof clans with brett on there. Also winning the first ever xwis sponsored 2v2 tournament!!!  After getting a rank 1 clan in 2010 i officialy quit yr. I came back to ra2 in around 2011-2012 had some ggs with alot of plyers, got some hof clans and 1 or 2 rank 1 cland thanks to having latof as a partner. Met Adam! Won a couple ffg tournies with him and clanned a minimal bit, hoping he could replace brett and we can win the first ever 2v2 sponsored cncnet tournament!!!!!!!!!!!!


To be continued...

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hi u want other players career in ra2 . i will tell you mine

well i start see my big bro play ra2 out side the house with his freinds in the old westwood befor xwis and i liked the game soo i started that time was soo young some 5 years maybe or 4  :D

start with skirmish games with easy allies then to hard but i mover to yr didint play much ra2 but in yr defrent story

yr was easy then RA2 start skirmish and my big bro showed me  how to play  but he always own me lol we play network games

some times and now in 2016 in june maybe i started play online yr in cncnet the start was hard humains not like yr bots

was lose alot and win some times but some players gived me hand and gived me advices soo i becamed better then i start play in

xwis ra2  i found some 6 or 7 players but i played some get rank 44 and stoped there becasue some one said dont play there

well in the end my career still short and i still have time to play more  :P

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