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How to start modding?


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Hallo. :ra2:

Im from Russland and its very hard to read 100500 topics about modding, but

Im edit some rules.ini, see a lot of guides, but i have 3 questions:

1) How to draw the units. Before i think its human draws pixels in paint) But now i see its use 3ds max, really? Im working in this program, so i want to look, how convert model to pixel. Its render+compress in paint? I dont think so) And how to draw the large units, like MCV or... Aircraft? Not square, but rectangular.

2) How to made your own units, weapons? I didnt finde it in rules.ini, of course. But and guides i dont see :(

3) How to start modding all from the basics? I think, only needed some expierense... And programs, of course. Programs i have...


I only want to links on these guides, if they is. Its hard for me to search it, thats only.

Alreasy thanks.

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