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  1. It is strange that you have not tried to identify your problem. 1) First at all, start lobby with your teammates on different map's. If any map that you play didnt start, and at the forum there is no any question about it, then problen on your side. 2) If different map's starts only on few player's, then probem is on their side 3) it may be problem on CNCNet side, like download error or etc. Or player's have slow internet. Few restart help. If all map's starts correctly, then dismember the problem. Strange, that u didn't describe the error - it is white screen, of internal error, or anything. By your text look's like other's players didn't load, you just start multi map in solo and instantly win. If it is not a punct 3) error, then of course, it is a .map file makes error. Map file has map, triggers, actions, unit statistic etc. With wrong trigger's if even your game start's in solo player not the fact that game will runs in multi, most of trigger's usable only for one player. You need to explore the problem with file. 1) First of all, clear the all of unit statistic, trigger's, actions etc like that, only clearly map. Make sure that map has a player start positions. If map didn't load at this stage, may bee it is damaged. Make same one (in Final?) without anything and try to start with it. 2) If map start's correctly without modding, look's like u use triggers. Study ModEnc. Good luckю
  2. K Grand, ill trying. Thanks.
  3. Его много ошибка в игровом клиенте и в игре. Первая ошибка началась, когда открыто меню игры (Администрации уже знают). Возможно, конфликт клиентского обновления с win7, потому что раньше (полгода назад) этого не было. Принимая во внимание, что я использую файлы DDL на черном экране (ошибка Intel), я не понимаю, почему я должен это терпеть, если «решение» проблемы не связано с ней (режим окна и т. Д.). Также постоянно в холле выдается предложение обновить клиента, если вы случайно ошибаетесь - ваша комната закрывается. Клиент ничего не загружает. У фризов есть ВСЕ игроки, если я хочу переключить язык. Мне просто нужно изменить язык по умолчанию. И большинство, наверное, интересно, что ошибки добавляются в игру. Через время я не могу загрузить Flak Terror Drone. Он просто «карабкается» на него. Что происходит? Будет ли решение этих проблем, или я также должен перезагрузить систему 3 раза? PS Я приложу скриншоты, если снова поймаю ошибку. PPS Даже клики больше не смеются - f10 не работает.
  4. Hah,i wasthinking i must buy new keyboard, hah.
  5. That's mean's only one - add correctry bot with correctly bot house. That's all.
  6. No. I think, map's maker's communitu need a new post of reconnection error (yes?), because its quet easy to find reerrors (because game perfect work in singleplayer). ModEnc also has a internet-page about this article. I brought some bugs in ModEnc.
  7. Try to use <16 reveal all map> singleplayer action of trigger in multiplayer game. cncnetonelove.map
  8. Hey dude, do you use <16 Reschroud map> action in FA2? I found it destroy's a only multiplayer game on ~10s of start.
  9. U right!!! I thoat its a my map error's... shit... --- Clear map with <[APOC] Immune=yes > Working.
  10. VladisS


    Exagear strategies kann it. I ply it. My Japan phone run it 2 month before falling down.
  11. I don't understand why my celltag dont like event <PLAYER A>, but correct work in <America>?? Trigger is absolutly correctly, Action of trigger-selltag set "119 destroy <player A>". When i set celltag event "1 Entered by <America>" - im was destriyed, when i set "1 Entered by <Player A>" - im not. I really don't nderstand. My map is in "Standart" mode, "no name". Thanks test.map
  12. VladisS

    INI editing error

    Maybe it related with new mechanic to improvement units like E1 in houses without theirs-house-leaving.
  13. VladisS

    INI editing error

    Hallo! Trainable=no is now unavailable. test.map
  14. That's okay. Now i just schould rename yrm-->map?
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