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  1. Fixing Internal Errors in Custom Maps

    Try to use <16 reveal all map> singleplayer action of trigger in multiplayer game. cncnetonelove.map
  2. Custom maps giving in-game errors

    Hey dude, do you use <16 Reschroud map> action in FA2? I found it destroy's a only multiplayer game on ~10s of start.
  3. Custom maps giving in-game errors

    U right!!! I thoat its a my map error's... shit... --- Clear map with <[APOC] Immune=yes > Working.
  4. Phone

    Exagear strategies kann it. I ply it. My Japan phone run it 2 month before falling down.
  5. Cell Tag uncurrectly working (FA2)

    I don't understand why my celltag dont like event <PLAYER A>, but correct work in <America>?? Trigger is absolutly correctly, Action of trigger-selltag set "119 destroy <player A>". When i set celltag event "1 Entered by <America>" - im was destriyed, when i set "1 Entered by <Player A>" - im not. I really don't nderstand. My map is in "Standart" mode, "no name". Thanks test.map
  6. INI editing error

    Maybe it related with new mechanic to improvement units like E1 in houses without theirs-house-leaving.
  7. INI editing error

    Hallo! Trainable=no is now unavailable. test.map
  8. Cncnet launcher don't like my map's.

    That's okay. Now i just schould rename yrm-->map?
  9. Cncnet launcher don't like my map's.

    Cncnet launcher alway's have an problems with map "rendering" - he tried to change "yrm" to ".map" 1-3 time usually. But now he refuses renering all maps - Even perfectly clear! I tryed to rendering ".mpr", ".yrm", all clear map's - zero effect. Here's my patch: C:\Games\Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge\Maps\Custom Any log's? lela.yrm
  10. Help editing super weapon time

    By use Rules.ini in .yrm -> .map
  11. Known issues - tracker

    Hi Grant, its problem to transfering map's into .map. You need to add map, start client, close client, start client and after that map will be available (if it is in Custom folder). Why?
  12. How to add a friend in cncnet?

    Clear. Very uncomfortable. I could add a person to friends through three fields, and added through the most uncomfortable (and not obvious).
  13. How to add a friend in cncnet?

    Its really hard to understand, fortunly, i find the messages, but i stil cant add some0ne in a friend list...
  14. How to start modding?

    Hallo. Im from Russland and its very hard to read 100500 topics about modding, but Im edit some rules.ini, see a lot of guides, but i have 3 questions: 1) How to draw the units. Before i think its human draws pixels in paint) But now i see its use 3ds max, really? Im working in this program, so i want to look, how convert model to pixel. Its render+compress in paint? I dont think so) And how to draw the large units, like MCV or... Aircraft? Not square, but rectangular. 2) How to made your own units, weapons? I didnt finde it in rules.ini, of course. But and guides i dont see 3) How to start modding all from the basics? I think, only needed some expierense... And programs, of course. Programs i have... I only want to links on these guides, if they is. Its hard for me to search it, thats only. Alreasy thanks.
  15. Internal error