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What strategies and bo´s dominate TS these day???


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Guys can some one please tell me if some of my old elite strategies are still used in high level games today and if they would still dominate all opposition like they used to?


The evil 1 ref Wolverines rush that went something like ref war - pumping pure wolverines no extra harv and then when cash is out then selling CY to be able to pump out few extra wolves and set alt rally point from war to enemy base so them wolverines keep constant pressure on the opponent not letting him breath even for a second. I know that some of you out there might think that this building order is a little bit unorthodox but when executed right it is very deadly.


The 7 ref HUGE cyborgs rush, where the player don´t go any bio and builds huge pure synthetic army rushing his opponent. bo: pp hand ref ref ref ref ref ref ref, alting hand of nod to middle of the map so that steady stream of Cyborgs systematic destroy the player that is lined up with him.


Hmmmmmm... let´s see what else is there..


The 1 ref Medic rush where you fill two full apc´s with only Medics and quickly drive them to opponents base and then unload them in middle of his base and use the hot key for auto healing so that they annoy your opponents tremendously when he can´t kill them until that point that the opponents starts to rage and finally surrenders from frustration. I know this is a bit of a lame strategy but any thing goes in a clan game as long as it is not cheating and if the opponent surrenders you still get the + points on the ladder. I think that bo went something like pp bar - medic x10 ref war - apc apc and then sell war for cash so that you can get next ref quicker.


Can any one please tell me if these strategies would stand their ground against players like Trz and Ollie?


I got even more elite strategies that I was co-creator of back in da days.. Maybe I do a follow post to this topic when I manage to remember them all.. It was so long time ago though, I know one involved only mass Hover MLRS´s. Don´t remember the exact bo at the moment but with the right execution I am sure that strat would crush player like Trz and Carna..



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DAFUQ! does "...." mean? Speak up hillbillyboy! If I ever see you online Phenomena then you better watch out cause I am gonna completely surprise and crush you with my famous 1 ref evil wolverines rush.. O_o And I will do it from TL or TR as an insult to injury..

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