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Broken Game :(



Hey guys,


Firstly, this software is amazing!! Thank you so much for making it. I can finally play Yuri's Revenge on my Win10 PC!


I have an issue where whenever I launch a game from the software, it crashes saying that Yuri's Revenge has encountered an error. And now when I try to launch Yuri's Revenge from Origin, it says the main executable stopped working (I attached an image here).


This all started when I tried to load a saved file from the game. It has not worked since then. I have also attached my except.txt file in here since you guys seem to ask for it for any troubleshooting.


Please help! I really want to continue playing!))


EDIT: Just attached an image of what would come up when I try to launch a game from the software.


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No, nothing works. Not from CnCnet or origin.

Did you do anything in addition to installing Origin and CnCNet? Any third party fixes?


Could you play a skirmish via the CnCNet client and tell us what exactly happens. Then upload the following:


1). client.log from your Client folder (found in your game directory)

2). attach to the forum: spawn.ini, spawnmap.ini and spawner.xdp



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I have no third party fixes on it.


When I launch a game from CnCNet client, it launches YR's cutscene (because I reinstalled everything so it thinks that the game has never launched) then it goes into the loading screen where it shows me loading and the map etc., the loading bar reaches 75% then closes. I have attached the files you wanted in this reply.


Thanks for all your help guys. I really appreciate you helping me!)

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