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Win 95 compt and cnc-ddraw issue



Using the unofficial 1.06rev3 patch (latest full game version from the site) and was looking for a solution for the menu freeze issue when using cnc-ddraw (since I really like being able to play in windowed mode). I saw Nyerguds recommend setting the exe to win 95 compatibility. However when I try that I get an error (see attached screenshot) and the game won't start. Running win 10 if that matters.

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Whew. For a moment I thought that topic title meant you were running on a Win95 computer :P


The normal valid range for C&C1 errors is 00410000 to 004F0000, with an extra range up to 0063FFFF which would mean it's the specific patch-related code that crashed. That stuff's totally outside it, meaning, it's not a game error but related to something outside it. So yea, compatibility stuff, probably.


I've noticed that the fact the patch ran without compatibility mode on WinXP does mean that on later OSes, using WinXP compatibility mode tends to help.

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I think I have similar problem in Win10, I was running 1.06c Rev2 without problem. Then I recently patch it to Rev 3. The problem started, then I uninstall it, and d/l & installed the latest 1.06c Rev3 full version but the problem still persist.


I tried the solution above with ddraw.ini, same problem.Here my ddraw.ini file


; width and height of the window, defaults to the size game requests



; bits per pixel, possible values: 16, 24 and 32, 0 = auto



; show window borders in windowed mode


; use letter- or windowboxing to make a best fit (GDI only!)


; real rendering rate, -1 = screen rate, 0 = unlimited, n = cap


; vertical synchronization, enable if you get tearing (OpenGL only)


; scaling filter, nearest = sharp, linear = smooth (OpenGL only)


; automatic mouse sensitivity scaling


; manual sensitivity scaling, 0 = disabled, 0.5 = half, 1.0 = normal


; enable C&C/RA mouse hack


; enable C&C video resize hack, auto = auto-detect game, true = forced, false = disabled (OpenGL only)


; switch between OpenGL (opengl) and software (gdi) renderers, latter supports less features but might be faster depending on the GPU


; force CPU0 affinity, avoids crashes with RA, *might* have a performance impact



Anyway, can anyone provide a link to d/l cc95v106c_r2_en, I thought of reverting back to this version which was working fine.

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Yeeah, that's how changing things in ini format works?

So far so good.


Let me describe some of the problems encountered before this.


I was playing a SP campaign I think it was created by you "The GDI Airforce", the mission "Get'em NOW!".


The problem I have after playing the mission for quite some time

(i)when I clicked "ESC" to save it for later, it went into the Menu page but the cursor was stuck. I was then forced to click "ESC" to go back to the game.


(ii) Ramdon crashes when when I move the cursor.


Anyway, I tried the same mission again, problem(i) did not appear, but problem(ii) still persist. Perhaps the problem is due to this map.


Anyway in CCconfig, I have ticked "Limit the Frame rate" and in the game control I have the Scroll Rate set to the 2nd lowest.

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The ccconfig "Limit the Frame rate" option corresponds with the "Maxfps" key in ddraw.ini. The frame rate is limited when any value is set in the ini, but if you edit the ini itself you can obviously fine-tune it. This is mostly for the fast scroll bug, though, since scrolling in the game is (unfortunately) related to the refresh speed.


Note that due to the config tool being developed on XP, it removes all compatibility modes on C&C95.exe on save (since that worked best on XP).


As far as I know, the cursor disappearing issue is fixed by enabling Win95 compat mode, so try re-enabling that after using the tool.

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