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video link to game and ss for Noobie SUPAFLY (AKA SUPANOOB) and Nodrescue


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newbs tried to say i was mapping in there newb Giants of War map . I bum raped Supafly AKA SUPANOOB and he cried cheat/mapper. I offered an ss which they said was worth nothing and asked me to take a video-- so i got the mobile phone out and took the video .  I know newbs like these guys are common in the mod maps  of Tiberiun sun and when they get destroyed by a superior player they cry 'cheat' but they get beaten because they have only experienced 20-30% of the game ie mod maps -- they don't understand how to play the game properly ie on ww maps so this is why when they come up against any half decent player they dont understand how they get raped so fast so they automatically assume its cheating , but again this because they don't understand the game yet even though they have been playing for many years -- i want an apology from supanoob (supafly) and i want an apology from  nodrescue for encouraging newbs like supafly to cry cheat in the game when they get raped . Go and learn how to play Tiberian Sun first before you accuse superior players of cheating - the link to the video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOUeruzDs0w  - cheers Tomo

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The scout in question here is while I was in the back right corner of map. I looked at your post and your screen shot that looked low quality and your video was a joke. I have the Video of our game and if you watch it you will notice I never once said HEY LOOK Jimmy is MAPPING or HEY LOOK Jimmy is CHEATING.  I made a comment that showed concern for what I was seeing. I chose not to shout HEY LOOK Jimmy is MAPPING or HEY LOOK Jimmy is CHEATING, instead I worded it to point out my concern. All you would have had to do at that point is say, hey Supa can we work this out. If you want to improve gaming relationships with me or anyone els, maybe try acting like it is just a game and not some life status to degrade others and try and make yourself seem better then anyone else over a game. Lag is caused by a lot of things including someone using cheats, many times in the past when playing with you that lag shows up. Watch to the end of the Video you will see you were lagging. With all the past negative issues between you and my self that not everyone has seen, I hope has enough intelligence to understand there is more to my issue with Jimmy then just one game. It seems as if he cant control the little boy with in so he resorts to name calling and disrespect. Here is a link to the video  https://youtu.be/tIOVg05VxNI .

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we have moved on since you got owned and you started crying , https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=7127.0


you can  see in your own video that you were dumb enough to send me the link to you clearly said and i quote 'he knew that was there' , then you can see me offering and SS for which you said VIDEO --so i made a video -- The problem with you Supanoob is you don't like better players in your game , because you get owned , you like playing with newbs who are worse than you , that's the truth , you need to man up and apologise -- the SS is there , the Video is there but Supanoob cant admit he was wrong and he simply doesnt like better players making him look like noobrescue    LMFAO

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