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improve scoring system


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I am not sure if this fix would be simple, but scoring system for TS does not reflect the actual combat points you got from the battle.


I give you an example; in a 4 vs 4 game, the winning team always score better than all the losing team. This is not a true reflection of what actually happened during the game. One of the reasons is, when you surrender you lose all your eco.


This simple idea might seem silly, true, but its nice sometimes to study the game play and then watch the scores for a minute and for a better understanding of that particular battle.


I think there is more to include in the scoring sheet than just three columns. Currently the scoring chart only include kills, lost, money. It really means nothing or shall I say, not helpful at all to analyze the battle. The perfect scoring sheet would be the one which even if you didn't watch the battle during the action, you would still be able to understand and conceptualize what happened in that battle. Other components to add could be number of aircrafts, number of defenses or whatever. Maybe include "timing of tech center" build, would be nice I think.


But hey, any meaningful heading that is specifically related to TS game play analysis, can be thrown into the scoring chart. My previous suggestions of which headings are to include may not be really meaningful to a TS game analysis. Pro players might be able to come up with much better headings that might help whoever want to study the scoring sheet with his insight and analysis to that particular battle. Maybe "contribution to scouting" is a good heading to include and to know which player scouted most or least. This is directly related to TS. This is an another area for players who consider improving, heck, you will be able to know better about your style.


Oh, don't forget that you are planning to add ladders, so a ladder game with a good scoring sheet would be an awesome feature.


So, is this a great idea? or just a waste of time you reckon? Tell me !  :roll:


Probably a waste of time lol.  :D

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I've been crying about this and unknowingly muewing it over and the scouting thing you say must be "in the air". Having not researched the scores @ all & not having any real clue how they actually work (just that there wrong) I don't know, but there isn;t alot i can do about it so why bother learning it. I liked what you said about the loosing team/players possibly winning/being up in the numbers, It could give a good player that gets stuck on a bad team or something some kind of an incentive to play it out instead of get mad n yell at everyone.

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