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What on earth is 1.006r2?


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I found out that theres a nocd for 1.006 and 1.006r2 but i only see 1.006 patch in the westwood ftp and all other sites...


The only info i found is that you could get this version ingame back then so is this patch lost forever now?


Or theres a extremely low chance somebody who played back then still has this patch on his red alert 2 copy in his hard drive lol... is that somebody in those forums by any chance cause i been looking for this patch for a year now.


I would like to know if the downloaded patch was saved anywhere on the hd as a exe file or the new files just overwrited the old files...


We will probably never know but i still have some hope one day i will find it.


When i apply the 1.006r2 nocd to my legit ea origin copy i can still launch and play the game but the version in the main menu is 1006... or was it like this in the original 1006r2... or origin copy could be 1006r2 lol maybe even they dont know anything about it.


I guess r2 means revision 2


Or atleast does anybody knows if this patch had multiplayer fixes only or singleplayer too?

Was there any changelog somewhere

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The crack you are refering to is just a cracked launcher, the game itself is game.exe.


Apparently there was indeed such a thing, if anyone can post the game.exe at least if not all patched files i'd appreciate it, Patches that aren't available publically but only were on WOL definitely something worth looking into.

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No according to the text file the nocd is for 1.006r2 a version you could get only ingame back when the game had its online functions working.


At this point i think building a time machine and travelling to 200x is the only way to retreive this patch :(

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