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3 Idea's for cncnet client


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hello admins, players and elite wizards i have a 3 ideas to make the cncnet client better i know there are alot that agree


1. an option to turn the cheat warning off or not have it apply if the person is spectator this annoys everyone because most maps we play  have lighting changes or a team mod to them now which comes up as a warning and everyone has to click accept twice and spectators who aren't even playing have to click accept. i know of a lot of players who would like to just turn this off myself included



2. a unban option. ever since you guys got gamesurge the lobby has like a 6 second delay which causes the wrong people to be kicked and banned it would be nice to have a unban option instead of having to reset the game and get everyone to rejoin because you banned your m8


3. make the lobby less laggy like it used to be Make ts lobby great again  :tibsun: :tibsun: :tibsun:

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I disabled the cheat warning now for spectators. You guys should post up new maps here at the forums once they're finished so we can add them to the trusted list. Just click on the cheat button and copy/paste the checksum to do so



The delay can't be changed atm, gamesurge only allows 1 message/command per 3 seconds


I have to find a good and simple way to allow unbanning, not sure yet how to do it though

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I would do the gathering/processing. If you had some thought on how I could do it that it would be most beneficial.  map pack was cool  If you could think of a way I could help with something like that again


Started seeing peeps from many more places in the world  !!


and  Wwwhhhaaaatttt!!  years more of CnC ??????  thank you again for this..






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agreed with timmay




thanks funky for the fix and fast response an your considerations.


most map makers are constantly updating their maps fixing small issues and improving them, for example all mine have my vet patch in them which i sometimes update, or non-edits that are freshly made maps often require more updates as special requests come in to help the map maker fine-tune their creation... this makes it really hard to keep updating the list.


maybe mapmakers could put some type of signature on maps somehow (dont know how) and people could just 'white-list all humble's maps' for example.


i assume refresh button in lobby is not possible on gamesurge server?  lacking refresh button is pretty rough for us old players used to having one.  often hosts kick someone to make room and its so laggy several others join before the intended player can get in the game.

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right now when u join a game and have color as "???" as default, it doesn't work so host has to always remind people 'choose color' on a daily basis.  (working random colors would be nice)


another thing is when trying to select a color, every time someone joins or changes their color your drop-down-color-selection disappears.  i know these are small things but it gets tedious after a while.

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