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[RA1] Turning reinforcements on and off


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I have a 'constant' trigger which keeps sending in reinforcements every X amount of time, on a given moment I can do something which destroys the trigger to stop the reinforcements, so far so good. But after this I would like to restart the trigger with a different action. I tried to use a cell trigger which forces the original reinforcements trigger, but that does not work. Instead of re-activating the trigger, I fire the actions belonging to that trigger instead. So every time when my unit drives over this specific cell, a new reinforcements team comes in. And when I send 10 units over that cell I have 10x the reinforcements team


Question: is it even possible to do what I want? and if so, howcan?

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Topic moved. Mission making related stuff should be put in mapping, and not modding.


What game are you talking about, by the way? These forums are general, not game-specific. If this is C&C1, I doubt you can put multiple prerequisites on one triggered action, except for "allow win".

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