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Red Alert 2 - Bad performance with high unit-count


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Hi CnCNet Team,


first of all - its a really really great job you do with CnCNet! You make me experience my childhood with Red Alert 2 again! Just awesome! :cncsmirk:


Still some high-level nagging since I love this game and your work so much:


Does your team have the rights/capabilities to improve the game-performance?

The issue I face is - in every game it starts to extremely lag after a certain unit count is reached. Especially if its 4vs4 on funmaps...


I don´t know if this is a network sync issue or some bad coding... maybe in the meantime there are some fancy new algorithms available which could be used to build and sync the maps and units more efficiently!?...


The power of our PCs increased since Red Alert 2 releaset but the game performance remained the same... so I tip on network sync...


So - just interested if something is planned to improve this...


Thanks and Kind Regards


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It's an engine problem. The engine simply isn't meant to handle that many units. Lowering the resolution helps, since it's generally the amount of objects on the screen at the same time that causes the issues.


People should just learn to use the minimap again  :P

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