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New Private Server code for Tiberian Sun


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I started work on a private server a few years ago and never finished it... I got hung up parsing the data from the clients however joining a channel and chatting was possible. The project is called: SunServ and I obtained a lot of information from Sys. He asked me for the code at one point and I didn't want to release it however I'm making it available for what its worth with the intention of continuing it by myself one day because I do this for fun, however if someone else decides to make a fork of this code I request that the original name and credits are kept. I have a few rar files that may be duplicate code however I don't have the time to look through it. So if Sys can be contacted and have him get in contact me I will allow him to distribute it on my behalf if he chooses. The code does everything just short of actually starting a game.. Getting the parsing finished is the only thing that really needs to be done. I noticed TS for free download at fileplanet and I decided this would be a good time :P I also made a private server called PhanServ for Phantasy Star Online that was much more complicated that I was actually proud of, this is just a functioning skeleton poorly written however its in CPP. It compiles and executes and opens a couple ports but I think I have a large portion of the functioning server commented out because I was going to redesign the data parser. Sys, where you at man? Long time no talk.

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Well, if making channels and chatting works, you don't need to add that much more "parsing" to start games.


I'd love to see it, just for the heck of it. I'm curious whether it's well written idiomatic C++ code or just a mangled C clusterfuck. If need you help on anything you can ask me as I pretty much know all the WOL protocols in-and-out. I won't be working on it myself though.


Why don't you put it on GitHub?!


Anyways, great job, keep it up, bro!  :tibsun:




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