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Command & Conquer Commemorative Edition C&C for PC Rare... on Ebay


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I hope you don't mind me posting but I thought this may be of of interest to some of you... I am selling a copy of Command & Conquer Commemorative Edition C&C on ebay at the moment - it is quite a rare issue - hope it's maybe something that you all want as I need the money!


You can find the auction here...




I am in the UK..


Thanks, Peter


Looks like a great site - I play Amiga Games - we never had this game but we had Dune II - great game!

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I will probably regret selling by the sound of things!


Amiga hardware is getting expensive these days and I hate emulation so I sell things to fund Amiga projects...


This game will only go up in value I bet but to be honest I need the money now.


I sold Moonstone on the Amiga a few years back for £80 - it now goes for a lot more...!



Good luck bidding!

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Ah, I'm a collector of all things C&C1, so this one is really missing in my collection. I've wanted that poster ever since I saw Kane himself protecting it with his life fist, so I was thrilled when I first found out about the existance of this edition.


how much you pay for one rare things like that??  :P

Hopefully for me, you'll never find out :P




My collection is 100% donation-driven though. I haven't deposited a single cent into my paypal. You'd be surprised what people give me just because I'm fixing and upgrading an old game :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

The game did sell for £101.00 - I sent it to a guy in Germany who has left positive feedback so he must be happy with what he got!


With the money I bought an old Amiga SCSI card so I must be just as mad I guess...!


Thanks for your time guys!


All the best, Peter


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