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Hey everyone, you know how you can set a mode for vehicles like guard, sleep, hunt etc. Is there a mode where a tank will sit it's place and act as a stationary turret. The closest one i found was 'sticky' but with that it only shoots at you if you shoot at it first, i want something that won't move but will shoot at enemies in range



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SCB26EA - Hostile Takeover, has some GDI tanks parked on bridges and blocking cliff passes which will shoot if you come in range but don't move, check them out and see what they're using. I can't check right now, but it should be what you need.

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6 hours ago, Kamuix said:

So weird, it's set to sticky but when i went into the level it worked just as you described here, weird

As long as it works :P

Does Sticky not behave the same way in your map? :(

If it doesn't, try Return.

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