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Sun / Firestorm with TD Units


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Hello everyone,


I just signed up as I couldn't find a mod i would like to play.

I really would like to see the units from Tiberiun Dawn in Tiberiun Sun / Firestorm like the Medium Tank and Mammoth Tank but also the rocket trooper for the GDI and the Flamethrower and Flame Tank for Nod.

Unfortuantely I could not find such a mod. I found Tiberiun Sun 2.05 on moddb which is not even starting and also Retro which is crashing.

Excist such a mod?, or am i searching for nothing? Thanks for the help :)

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18 hours ago, Nova_Prospekt said:

Isn't DTA a Conversion?

Yes, but it's a standalone conversion. You can play it without tampering with Tiberian Sun.

Tiberian Sun itself, however, has some residual TD/RA1 units that were remade in voxel form, most likely as placeholders and lab rats for the engine. They are (not including their barrel/turret files):

1tnk.vxl - Light Tank

2tnk.vxl - Medium Tank

3tnk.vxl - Heavy Tank

4tnk.vxl - Mammoth Tank (used in campaigns)

arty.vxl - Artillery

ftnk.vxl - Flame Tank (used in FS campaigns)

heli.vxl - Longbow

hind.vxl - Hind

m113.vxl - APC

mlrs.vxl - MLRS

mnly.vxl - Mine Layer

mrj.vxl - Mobile Radar Jammer

tran.vxl - Chinook Transport (the palette seems slightly off)

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Well I'm not really into modding, so I don't understand what you like to tell me.

I just like to play the Tiberiun Sun / Firestorm campaign missions and that would be so much more fun if I could use those Tiberiun Dawn units but also units like orca transporter and the big landing ships.

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Mammoth thank is [4TNK] in TS. Flame tank is [FTNK]. These are the only hidden ones you can use in your map already. Its funny cuz yesterday i made a cameo (sidebar image) for them both.

also i could add the other ones you mentioned too, i saw their .shp files on ppmsite. I can give you a new conquer.mix and art.ini with those mods, simply put them in your ts folder. U just gonna have to add the rules.ini in your map but i cld make those too if you want. But who knows maybe funky will add some of these units for us ;) 






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