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When I deleted CnCNet before I lost my log in with gamesurge. How to i log back on with ChanServ? I have the original email sent to me, but when i copy and paste the original command with my new password it does not work. Therefore, it is not identifying my name for my gold medal.

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Are you getting this error?


Problem 2.) AuthServ checks the username@hostname fields of your host mask against ones listed on the account. If they match you will be able to authenticate normally, if they do not you will receive the dreaded “invalid hostmask” error. Reasons for this error are numerous and include changing of internet providers, disfunctional DNS that do not resolve your hostname or IP address, change of username by the user, ect. If you have an e-mail on your account you can request a cookie be sent to your e-mail that will allow you to authenticate. The syntax for this command is:

/authserv AUTHCOOKIE <account name>

Once you receive the e-mail authenticate using the cookie command from above. After you authenticate type /authserv ADDMASK with no other arguments to add your current hostmask to your account. If you do not have an e-mail set you can visit #support and you will be assisted with authenticating.


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The medal is by my team tonight i tried the authserv command and got this response..[11:04 PM] -AuthServ- Account xsabsx has not been registered..... when i log onto cnc i got this...[10:58 PM] * *** No ident response..

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