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Firestorm Stereo soundtrack in highest possible audio quality


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Is there Firestorm stereo soundtrack in lossless quality or at least better than stereo mp3 128 kbps and/or the mono one used in game? I've downloaded mp3 version directly from Frank's website.

Best regards

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9 hours ago, 12345 said:

the tiberian sun soundtrack is complete atmospheric garbage noise. if you listen to it in any higher quality it will give you brain cancer.

Actually I enjoyed more Tiberian Sun + Firestorm, than Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. Firestorm's soundtrack differs much from the original Tiberian Sun, because it's better. It is less atmospheric and more lively, like Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert one. Also it got more synthesizers and acid sounds. Of course the original has its nice moments like Approach, Pharotek, Lone Trooper, Scouting and Valves. Frank is a genius.

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6 hours ago, frel said:

Of course the original has its nice moments like Approach, Pharotek, Lone Trooper, Scouting and Valves. Frank is a genius.

Actually, out of these, only Approach and Valves are made by Frank Klepacki. The rest are made by Jarrid Mendelson :P

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If you watch to this screenshot you will see that Tiberian Sun OST Music has a socalled EQ-Cut at 10khz. According to that fact the Soundtrack Music will never sound like "High-Quality" Stuff there is out today. 

Another fact is that the Music is made in "16-bit" Modus ... todays Music is made with 24bit Technology - thats also a big difference. The Stereo-Width can also be a factor its sounds so "low-quality like".



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6 hours ago, Chad1233 said:

Speaking of quality I never understand why Frank Klepacki never gives us a complete soundtrack for all the C&C games he composed for, especially the Red Alert soundtrack CD that didn't even include Fogger!

Well, the tracks on his site are in much better quality than the ingame ones, and there are very few omissions (e.g. RA2/YR credits themes)

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I knew people would still want them in high quality to this day :) I realise this will need to be cleared by the mods, but here you are guys:


Track 01 - Options Screen
Track 02 - Map Screen
Track 03 - Slave to the System
Track 04 - Rain in the Night #2
Track 05 - Link Up
Track 06 - Killing Machine
Track 07 - Infiltration
Track 08 - Hacker
Track 09 - Elusive
Track 10 - Deploy Machines
Track 11 - Initiate

I Got A Present For Ya' [Unreleased C&C Tracks]


Disc 01:

Command & Conquer Set:
Track 01 - Demolition
Track 02 - Just Do it Up #2
Track 03 - Die!
Track 04 - March to Doom
Track 05 - Fight, Win, Prevail!
Track 06 - Untamed Land
Track 07 - C&C NOD Map Theme
Track 08 - C&C GDI Map Theme
Track 09 - C&C NOD Score Theme
Track 10 - Great Shot [GDI Score Theme]
Track 11 - Outtakes [Unused Credit Theme]
Track 12 - Destructible Times [PSX Credits]

Covert Operations Set:
Track 13 - Command & Conquer 80's Mix
Track 14 - Reaching Out

Red Alert Set:
Track 15 - Face the Enemy
Track 16 - Trenches
Track 17 - Fogger
Track 18 - Reload, Fire

Red Alert: The Aftermath Set:
Track 19 - Underlying Thoughts
Track 20 - The Second Hand
Track 21 - Journey
Track 22 - Arazoid
Track 23 - Twin Cannon [Aftermath Remix]

Disc 02:

Tiberian Sun Set:
Track 01 - Tiberian Sun Map Theme
Track 02 - NOD Crush
Track 03 - Ion Storm Coming
Track 04 - Red Sky
Track 05 - Tiberian Sun Options Theme

Renegade Set:
Track 06 - Renegade Menu Theme
Track 07 - Renegade Menu Theme [Unused Ver.]
Track 08 - Mechanical Man's Revenge
Track 09 - Mechanical Jungle
Track 10 - Sakura Showdown
Track 11 - Stop Them Again
Track 12 - Great Shot [Renegade Remix]

Red Alert 2 Set:
Track 13 - Tension
Track 14 - Militant Force #2
Track 15 - Optical [Red Alert 2 Credits]

Tiberium Wars Set:
Track 16 - Global Responce
Track 17 - Alien Arrival
Track 18 - Bleak Twilight
Track 19 - Base Repairs
Track 20 - Waiting Game

Kane's Wrath Set:
Track 21 - Red Dusk [Menu Theme]
Track 22 - Act on Instinct [Kane's Wrath Remix]
Track 23 - Act on Instinct [Score Screen Ver.]
Track 24 - Kane's Wrath [Mechanical Mind]
Track 25 - Kane's Wrath [Score Screen Ver.]



Track 01 - Wasteland
Track 02 - Traction
Track 03 - The Search
Track 04 - Running through Pipes
Track 05 - Groundwire
Track 06 - Floating
Track 07 - Bog
Track 08 - Gloom

Yuri's Revenge:


Track 01 - Drok
Track 02 - Bully Kit
Track 03 - Brain Freeze
Track 04 - Defend the Base
Track 05 - Phat Attack
Track 06 - Tactics
Track 07 - Trance L. Vania
Track 08 - Deceiver
Track 09 - Yuri Score Theme
Track 10 - Options [Credits]
Track 11 - Yuri Remix Teaser


None of these have been pulled from the game. I cannot possibly tell you where i found them all as i've amassed these from years of being online, forgotten alot and even talked to some people who knew frank themselves. Every track is 44100hz, they are only 128kbps mp3s mind you but every single one is ALSO in stereo (except fogger which is mono but still 44100hz). None of them have been upscaled either as far as i can tell ( I made the cover art myself too :) ). Please enjoy them as much as I have and long live kane.

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