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Infantry coming out of buildings


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It's a long shot and I'm guessing it is hardcoded into the game.. but has anybody managed to find a way to change what possible infantry can come out of buildings? IE engineers can come out mcvs, scientists can come out of tech centres etc

I also don't suppose it is possible to make a trigger to reinforce infantry through the barracks/hon, but not actually buying them? This is used in red alert 1 missions, I know it's a very different game but I just had a curiosity that there might be a similar function already present?

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A very important distinction: are you talking about selling, or destroying?

I know where the code for each of these is, but, it being code, the only way to change it is by hacking it to reprogram the specific exceptions.

On the topic of the tech center, though, that exception only works on Nod mission 10. It's a special logic only meant for the Chan mission:


For the CY it's a bit more complex, since I know there's a difference between captured and original CYs. I'm not sure if this exception also applies to destroying it, though, or if it's only for selling.

20 hours ago, Ammo1337 said:

I also don't suppose it is possible to make a trigger to reinforce infantry through the barracks/hon, but not actually buying them?

No, but a similar thing does work with the Nod transport plane. If you use the classic chinook reinforce logic but set the transport to a C17 instead, the resulting plane will drop off the unit at the airstrip. No idea if this works with infantry though.

A fun extra on that technique: it only works with one unit, and only if the player has an airstrip, but due to the Nod airstrip-buy logic, if these conditions are not met, units that can't be delivered are immediately refunded as money. This is, as far as I know, the only known way to give the player instant cash through triggers, in C&C1.

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Thank you both for your replies.

I've had a read through of your work on there now, I didn't realise that there was so much research done on this already, well done!

I was talking about both generally. I would have wanted to play around with them and implement them into a mission I'd like to make but I guess it will have to wait, I don't have the experience for modifying the actual executable for the game :P

I just tried dropping off a few commandos off an airstrip with a trigger and it does work, but only one commando comes through and the rest I get their full value in cash. I'll definitely be throwing this in a mission or two :D


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