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saving settings failed!



i have windows xp and cncnet for yuris revenge has worked good. I had uninstalled the whole game and then reinstalled it along with cncnet but now version is giving me problems saving a username. I bought the game from origin (the ultimate collection) and saved two copies. One for cncnet and the other so that i can still play the game on origin (since cncnet causes error on the folder) 

the message i get  when trying to save a new username or anything like sound or anything  on cncnet is 

Saving settings failed! Error message: Could not find a part of the path 'C: Archivos de programa\Origin Games\Copia de Command and Conquer Red Alert||(cnc)\MIX\ecache02.mix

its in spanish since my cpu has language settings in spanish but basically after "path" above it says something like

C:program files\origin Games\copy of command and conquer red alert ||(cnc)\MIX\ecache02.mix

the folder that i put cncnet is in the copy i made. 

i looked for the ecache02.mix but i dont have it. my friend also has it (cncnet) in his windows 10 but it runs fine and no problem and he downloaded it the same way with copy and everything. 

I also notice that when i play the game (ra2 or yr) on origin the game freezes at the options of the main menu. (my friend doesnt) 

any possible sol?

thanks for the time




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