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Nyerguds has updated his RA v3.03 Installer, fixing problems for German users and including several optional updates.

RA v3.03 Installer topic Here


A new version of OpenRA has been released, with lots of bug fixes including game play issues and a problem with 64bit Linux builds.

OpenRA Website


The Open Source SHP viewer has had a large number of updates since last mentioned, with support for more backgrounds, the ability to export the SHPs as images, and fixes for several bugs.

Open Source SHP viewer topic on PPM


Bullet10 has announced the release of his "Perfect RA" mod over on PPM which aims to balance, improve and expand Red Alert 1.

Perfect RA mod topic on PPM

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Sleipnir doesnt have a spell checked (however it is built on the engine behind IE) Firefox is my run nothing, forget everything browser simply due to the add-ons (which is a bit of a shame because i have it looking realy nice) However ive been meaning to move from Slipnir to Arora for months now

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