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Tiberian Dawn - Unyielding - (6P)


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I got an idea to make the most equal/fair map i could possibly make after hearing waves of complaints from users i play the game with, so i made this map. 6 bases which are easy to build in, in which i tried my best to give each base a fair portion of the map.

Each base has a 'bottleneck' where it is easy to get penned in if you're not careful. The tiberium at the start is limited, so you will have to venture out to find more. This means instead of waiting in your base surrounded by tiberium, you'll have to compete for it.

Another good thing is that it is difficult to apc rush/spam on this map as long as you make sure you keep your base enterance secure.

With 6 players ideally, left fights left, right fights right and middle fights middle, as you can see from the map layout.

I was also told that the tree's 'split2' and 'split3' are actually blossom trees, so they look like normal trees from the image. Anyway please comment and rate etc.


Edit: Sorry about the few errors i made with the download and title. It's 4 am here.

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Just a note to ALL map makers...


Can you make sure there's a "Players=6" tag under [basic]? I'm pretty sure I'll implement player limitation soon, to prevent the problem where multiple players spawn on the same point in less-than-6-player maps.


Since I'll obviously put the default on the old value, 4, especially 6-player maps need this tag.


I might even implement a system to put the [6P] before the map name automatically.



In a more specific note on this map... not a good idea to put C1 or C7 on the map, since they ALWAYS go and annoy the top player.

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