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No news since the 14th?!


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Been a little sloppy on the news front. Better get the news updates flying again!


First off some pretty old stuff by now.... I'll tell you about a mod that was released for Project Perfect Mods 10th Anniversary contest! (A very late Happy Birthday to PPM)


This awesome mod is called C&C Mech Wars!



C&C Mech Wars is a Battletech inspired standalone mod for Tiberian Sun bringing you in to battles between the mercenary Kell Hounds and the clan Smoke Jaguar!



An early alpha version of the mod can be downloaded from here


But Reaperrs modding spree doesn't stop there! He has also managed to release a patch for Return of the Dawn!


And now for something different. A C&C site that has been with us for a very long time, a C&C fansite that even predates Tiberian Sun! This site have had a few different names through the years but today this site is better known as The Original Red Alert Zone CNCNZ.com. The playful veteran C&C news site is celebrating it's 13th birthday!



Now for something a bit more local!



CnCNet is thriving! Games are being played everyday! The most popular game is C&C95 followed by RA95, TS and the "newly supported" RA2 isn't having as many players. There is a new client coming for CnCNet so stay tuned!


Brinestein has released a new 6 player C&C95 map called Unyielding!



That's all for now!


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