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CNCNet does not connect




I was looking forward to battling my sons on Tiberian Sun for a little nostalgia and installed on my PC and two laptops. All are running Windows 10 with Windows Firewall and Antivirus. Worked fine on the PC and Laptop however on the Surface it will not connect. I've searched the forums however this issue only seems to be apparent on VM which the surface is not.  All I see is Connecting... (takes up to 1minute).

It does not connect On-Line or on LAN however Skirmish is OK. It connects fine to the Yuri's revenge forum on the Red Alert version. 

I cant seem to perform any commands, the console just says Error: You are not connected.

I have tried disabling antivirus and firewall and reinstall but to no avail.

Any help appreciated as I cant seem to find any logs generated by cncnet.


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