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[video] Mining some fun out of yr


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i know how to play the original, i know you to play official maps and just because of i perfect to play custom maps do not devalue the official maps or the custom maps. you went out of your way to point out this map is bad but did explain why, is it bad because you never played it? is it bad because you prefer the official maps? its it bad because you dont know whats up and your threaten by something that is not what you normally play.  Ive been playing rawr maps since 2002 at the very least if you are saying they are bad explain to me why and what make whatever your playing the game on so much better. 


my reasoning for loving this map, 1 the amount of money allows you to build a good sized army tho the money is not unlimited and there is not modded fast build in it, it allows you to learn how to ore properly create a build order and experience more then the starting units of the game. Furthermore more there is the lay out of the map, the map as 2 walk way you can send units and 5 bodies of water allow for more options for defensively and offensively then you get on most maps. the walk ways are easy to defend if you put a little effort into it however if you dont get into the water that defence is easily crashed. the map is built so that the water give you a advantage but you cant when with what alone.  next i like the anti rush model of all the rawr maps because even tho it stops early game harassment game it makes for more complex match late game.  

now if thats not your playstyle that cool but dont go around cry bad maps when you dont know **** about it. 

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