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Update on marsh vs hurricane irma


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Well boys I have it bad....

Hurricane irma has ruined my county lol 99.9% without power, we were declared today the second most damaged county in florida next to Monroe  (the keys) which is the area the storm made land fall.


Lost power at 5pm est Sunday night,  got an update at 10pm est that the storm eyewall shifted over my house.


Luckily my house took minor damage but I am a lucky one. Gas station lines are miles long here and people are having trouble finding food or water.  I'm fortunate enough to have a generator and the means to travel outside of the area to get supplies..

We have at least 50 power poles snapped in half which may not seem like much to some, but consider my county population is only 100k for all 4 cities here.

Our bowling alley burnt to the ground and both hospitals have been without power for days and are having trouble getting gas themselves. There is major flooding in some areas here and power should be restored for my area by end of week or sooner. My best friend got his back today but he lives closer to the bigger area and I'm more in the secluded country club areas. My sister is on a different grid and her power company told them it would be weeks before they had all their customers restored.

Fema recently took notice to our situation. As of sometimes today......

And I am thankful today to see power trucks from all area of the us Canada and mexico in our area.


I will upload pictures once I have better than the shirty emergency phone internet think I'm only running 3g atm so I can not discord atm.


Oh and ama because I'm bored

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5 hours ago, Gun_Man said:

Glad you made it out well.  Unfortunately, my home in the caribbean, the Virgin Islands, got wrecked by Irma when it was at record strength.  And there is a category 4 hurricane Maria about to hit tomorrow.  Hoping the best for my family at home

Holy hell man I'm sorry, this hurricane season has been something out of the ordinary. Maria is now a cat 5 I read and they are showing it slamming the same areas that irma did. Hope you guys all stay safe.


To Justin. Only until my xfinity is fixed in the next day or two 

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