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  1. had to alt tab to screen shot it, but he purposely dc's so figured I should report.
  2. That's not what I'm referring to, this is quick match.
  3. Is it possible to get this guy banned? Dc'd in quickmatch. Now the -pts are gone but the guy seems to have a trend of dc's in his previous games. Seems to be doing it on purpose.
  4. Already got dad jokes eh, that's cute.
  5. If you select your unit, hit CTRL + SHIFT, and click in a direction, your prism (and many units) will fire and move at the same time. I can kill 500 brutes with 1 prism 99.9% of the time. The .01% is if nuclear war happens and my power goes out. Prism is a faster unit, you move a bit ahead, then shoot, the move a bit, then shoot.
  6. Do you guys accept venmo or anything else, or just paypal?
  7. That's definitely a factor Kike, that's what I'm offering I guess. I got you Andy!
  8. Oh my god why would you compare us to breznov? He's a known cheater, won't even join pro games because he gets laughed out of the room.
  9. I've been teaching a few players how to improve recently, if you're interested in learning pm me if you see me. [fw]Mindwar But here are a few general tips from what I've heard. "I've been playing for years and I'm not getting any better", this is what happens when you play rekool and wasteland constantly. Or any variation of 1 mapping. "Some people just beat me no matter what, why play with better players?", first, if they're better than try watching what they do and learn from it. Playing better players will only make you better, playing worse players will cause you to never improve. "I suck at official maps so I play mods", you won't improve playing mods when all of the actual "PRO" players play official maps pretty much exclusively. If you want to be a top player, play with the top players. There's a lot of nice people that will be happy to let you observe games or answer questions. There's also some good youtube channels to learn basics. "People are trolls", yep, get used to it. "But Cuntwar/Mindwhore, you're a douche!", yep, get used to it.
  10. Jeez people. If you don't like trolls and jerks, ignore them. They'll always be there. If you don't like losing, play people worse than you and never improve, or play people better than you and learn, and improve. I own 99% of players and there are still a few that slap me around like a child no matter what I do, sometimes people are just better than you are. And as far as toxicity goes, ravage is one of the worst people I've met on this game. Mustache is great, doesn't take things seriously, has fun, who cares? Last but not least, Prep knows what he's talking about.
  11. Joe even though I love auf, it went downhill a lot after xwis started, but it isn't even top 10 of all time anyway. From what I remember, ba and omerta were the top 2 xwis/xcl clans and wol it was a whole different story. They'd be in the top almost every month but then clans like judges/dru1dz/bbw/auf/etc would get rank 1/2 a bit pretty often. As far as players go, prep is a pretty good judge imo since he's been around for so long. Most of the old pros are long gone, but even if they did play now there are long gaps of perhaps a decade since they played. Tomi imo is the best ever based on sheer rank 1/2 when all the top players played. He would be rank 1 on yr and ra2 in the same month multiple times a year. Perhaps later on he bailed as matt said, but I don't remember him bailing anyone when I played 01-07. The only issue with prep is he wasn't a top player in 01-03 so I cant image he'd know too many of the early players. You'd really have to play from start to finish as a semi-top player to know. Prep is about as close as it gets so I'd agree with him.
  12. Best recommendation is learn to adapt and you'll eventually get better. FFA maps will always have people with truce's, I'm very guilty of this. But welcome to the internet, no getting around seals/rockies/etc. Find some players you like, become their friend, play games with them.
  13. Yes I downloaded that two days ago, same thing every time.
  14. I've got years worth of skype comments, mostly R-rated, but amazing. Best times were staying up until the wee hours playing games and talking shit.
  15. Great fucking guy. I've probably known him for 15 years, really sad to hear this. I agree we should try to do some tribute. RIP you fucking legend.
  16. Ya me too... connection to client lost multiple times in an hour.
  17. Whoever xquickx is he's an engi dc noob.
  18. No idea wot ur talking about sugar tits.
  19. Oh, so he comes here and doesn't deny it eh? Can we please IP ban him?
  20. GGs today biz, get skype.
  21. Someone told me he is js, no idea if its true or not. Either way, can we ban this cunt?
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