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Tiberian Dawn - Desert Run (Singleplayer)

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Another, a long while ago, finished TD map.


It's a very hard map (even with the sandbagged bridge), with lots of teams for the GDI enemy (including Orca air attacks).


Hint1: Don't go too far to the east with your commando and engineers, or Orcas will attack you. (The bones show the death zone ;))

Hint2: in the Southeast edge is a small Refinery outpost, which should be captured (defend it well with SAMs ;) )













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Hmm, I've been playing this map, I was having trouble finding the tiberium, but I supose that's solved by using the South East Refinery outpost. But more importanly, it's been crashing my game, a certain amount of time in, CnC just crashs, seems to only be this map. You might want to have a play of the map yourself and see if you can find what's doing it.

You're right, it's a very hard map! I've been building defences on my side of the bridge, but perhaps I just should leave the walls that are on the bridge. (but there are just so many GDI vehicles that you need to kill!)


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I'll take sometime before I start playing these new releases of single player missions.


I already finished "Hard Invasion" and "Free Willy".

"Need for Speed": I'm stucked in front of ... offensive ehehheheh

"Lost Control": sometimes the name is "Lost of Hope" eheheheheh

"Sneaky Tactics": just a walkthrough in the beginning.

(Don't hint me on anyone)


Your last release are all great missions, and I have made a small walkthrough in these new ones.

Since I'm in the beginner stage of mapmaking, my first SP mission is on slow pace. I'm planning later a SOF mission (commando) in the Alps, in SNOW theater.

I suggest you in your next "cooking" to try out a SP mission that way too.

What about an "Arctic mission"? With "Ice Breaking gun boats" as an overture? That would be cool!!


See ya

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