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Tiberian Dawn - Hill Defense (Singleplayer)

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Tsk, still using DOS C&C? :P

yeah, but unfortunately is the scroll speed too fast even on the lowest setting. In 640x400 on the biggest map size i only have to move the cursor for a millisecond to the screenborder and the game scrolls to the complete opposite side of the map.

The only way to get around this is by using the minimap and i'm not fond of that way.


Well and finally gives DOS TD the nice nostalgic feeling. :)

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Enable the back buffer on video memory on CCSETUP.

Thanks, that helped.


Also, see my signature, i've created a Dosmod of C&C95.

I'll test it when i have some time. :)


CnC-ddraw fixes the fast scroll issue too. And makes it possible to play C&C95 in windowed mode ;)

I was using this already and the superfast scrolling was still present.


However, pichorras hint about the Video Back Buffer helped. Even if videos and menus seem to load a bit longer and show some slight lags when the game fades from one to the next screen.


Honestly, I hate these kind of missions where you must wait and collect enough of X. But this is just my opinion.

That's ok.

For me it was also just a more elaborate testmap for the triggered money transfer technique.

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