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Tiberian Dawn - Bounty Hunter (Singleplayer)

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"forest" has only 1 "r", Lin Kuei ;)

btw, not sure if you know about this, but apparenly there's a bug in this C17 logic that makes the C17 sometimes attack units. There seems to be no weapon boundary check on the airstrike logic, meaning the weapon that is set to -1 is actually seen as a weapon index. This means it interprets the data just before the weapons list as an actual weapon and attacks with it.

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Ah, damn spelling


Do you tested the map and noticed the C17 bug ingame? In the beginning of my C17 reinforcement tests i noticed this too, but after i gave the C17 team the Unload command, the problem was mainly fixed. The only time where this still could happen is, if several C17s try to deliver their cargo at the same time. Only the first one delivers the cargo and the other will either circle a bit around in midair until the airfield is free or sometimes attack a visible enemy unit.


Do you know if the bounty trigger would work in multiplayer?

I doubt that, because it needs to be assigned to a certain player and i'm not sure if you can trigger an action for a certain player on MP maps.

In addition does this work only if the player has no airfield, because it involves a reinforcement C17 that refunds the cargounit when it can't find an airfield. Thus a Nod player would get the unit delivered instead of the bounty.


In addition does TD has no "if any unit is killed" Trigger and only a "number of units killed" Trigger, which stays "true" once the limit is reached and this way firing constantly the bounty action. For this map i assigned a "Destroyed" trigger to every unit placed on the map, so you get the bounty when the unit is destroyed. And such a trigger can't be automatically assigned to new build units.

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No, someone else noticed it when testing the triggers systems you posted, a few months ago, in a period when I was personally far too busy to test anything myself. His description of the weapon animation, damage and behaviour matched perfectly with the data I found on "index -1" of the weapons list though, so I don't doubt his report.


He did indeed say they only attack other visible units though.


Since I have no idea why it ignores the normal weapon boundary rules (meaning, -1 = "none"), I'll have to make sure to put an extra dummy at the top of the list, with no animations or damage, once I add reading weapons from ini in my patch.

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