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Soviet campaign - level 13, capture chronosphere


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Hey guys.

I started playing through Red Alert 1 a week ago. I have it installed off the disk using the C&C installer for modern systems.

Everything was going normally as I am going through Soviet campaign, but in level 13, where you must destroy all radar domes and then capture chronosphere - I have destroyed all radar domes, when I send in an engineer to chronosphere the "announcer" says "Mission objective reached. Mission failed.". WTH? I reached the target but failed? Now I'm stuck on #13 because of this.

Did anybody else have this? Is it a bug in C&C installer? How to solve?

Help hugely appreciated, thanks!

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Hehe, I remember running in to the same issue last year when I played through RA. It is not a bug with Red Alert, but rather just a misleading mission briefing. You actually have to kill all enemy units if I remember correctly. Don't forget to look for camo-boxes, since they also have to be destroyed and are difficult to spot.

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Lol thanks for answering, I accidentally found out that as you said you gotta destroy all enemy units and structures. Can't believe this lol there was 1 transport boat standing at my shore. Destroyed it and won the mission. Hmmm I wonder why the developers would make 1 very lying briefing. To simulate bad information delivery does happen in war? Lol. Weird.

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