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The max map size is 62x62 cells.

How the map is laid out can give it more space, by creating longer pathways around the map and large maps can feel smaller by creating direct paths to spawning points.


Depends on what you mean by "good". I somewhat pride myself on making decent duelling maps. I've released all of them in the multiplayer maps section...
Favs include
-Iron Valley
-Frosted Hostilities

Cn2mc has also made some nice 1v1 maps that I very much appreciate, and there's some other floating around... Ferret has a few that I like, as well.
Favs include
-Twin Peaks

Manu's "circle of death" deserves it's own shout out, for being a really solid 2v2 map.

And I know Chem keeps making 5-6 player resource heavy maps. I don't play them much myself, so I'll abstain from saying which one is better than another.


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