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High Noon (2pl)


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A small desert 1v1 map.

Both players start in the east to prevent the west disadvantage for Nod players.

The main path into both bases is left/right rather than top/bottom to reduce bottom advantage. There are also several routes for players to try to get around each other.

The shortest attack route is the narrowest, but offers the opportunity to sneak infantry - especially engineers or commandos in an APC - into the enemy base quickly.

Although it can be defended fairly easily, it is also overlooked by a ridge just to the east, an ideal position to send artillery to shell the pass defences or the enemy base itself.

The starting locations are very defensible, but the players will need to fight each other for map control, as more tiberium is outside the base confines than inside it.

Players who take control of the west will be rewarded with more resources and the ability to control the main chokepoints leading into the base canyons.

The river dividing the two players can be fired across or bypassed with helicopters.




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Cool map man.
I really like the simple yet well thought out design.
Welcome to our wee mapping community!

Just for future reference. The new patched game allows you to name your file anything (as long as both the ini and bin are the same name)

Can't wait to see more from you!

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