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Hi, In the next 6 months I'll be posting it in the main Universities of my city:

It won't be online, it will be printed and "low profile".

Comments needed before start. ;)







We're inviting online players for an old (and definitive) strategy game called




also known as Tiberian Dawn, CNC1 or CnC95.


If you are interested in playing Real Time Strategy games and having fun

send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can "Google That" too.


The game is indicated for strategy students and analysts in any area.

Management skills are needed to.

You will have access to the Unofficial Patch with the updates,

including conversion to Windows XP and the access to CNCNet Server for

online game version over Internet.


Our goal is to achieve 30 players for online game in Brazil, to avoid DESYNC

problems online, since multiple continent gameplay causes this kind of problem.


If you're interested, in the next 3 months your tasks will be:

- Instal and update the game;

- Read the manual or lose the games;

- Play the 28 Factory missions (3h average each), medium level difficulty;

- Play the extension pack called Covert Operations (15 missions), medium-high level difficulty (adictive);

- Instal and start playing about 200 Single player missions made by ancient authors of the game (optional);

- Join the main CNC95 forums (optional);

- Join CnCNet for online play;

- Carry on with your duties successfully in your virtual life (say like studying, working, discussing politics).


After this phase you will be able to play MULTIPLAYER missions.



1 - the game is violent, the players are not. The NON-players, just check the social stats.

2 - It is not PIRACY, the game is really free for download.


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Solo when I read that list I was thinking "Jeez, this is some tough criteria to make" and I was also wondering "How do you get people to prove they have done all you ask?"


They don't have to! They just have to play the game.

I'm just giving an idea of what they will face.

Average gamers will perform.


Oh, and I'm not justifying, just explaining the idea.

I made the text on impulse, maybe later things get more clear and I change it.

No matter how funny is to try a recruitment, we gotta try something eeheheheheh.

There are only 2 of us.

Most of all, thanks for the comments.


Later edit:

In the other hand, I can supress the "task" part or other parts, and leave it for the e-mail inquiry

If people respond to the "Ad", I can tell the rest of the message according to their interest, in a way that doesn't scare much.

More "bait" approach, might work better instead of throwing all at once.



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