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Team game strategy


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In team games, to what extent should you support your teammates when they're defending or attacking? I've noticed I get thanks when helping out, especially defending an attack, and complaints when I don't do so.

However, I'm unconvinced that helping out teammates necessarily improves your team's chances of victory. Many times, I've helped defend only to see my own base attacked after moving units to my teammate's base. Sometimes, my teammates attack at the wrong time with too few units and if I join their attack both our armies get slaughtered.

Especially in 3v3 games, when two (or three) opposing players gang up on a teammate, that's a great time to attack. You can simply sacrifice your one teammate and attack and destroy two opponents' bases at the same time.

It depends, though. Sometimes helping out on offense and defense is a success. Other times it's a failure. It isn't like the military where you can't leave someone behind or they'll die or be captured. When is it good, strategically, to offer support? When is it a good idea to let your teammate's base get sacked or let them attack by themselves?

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Best strategy so far is to have a friend to play with in any team game.
Eventually you know the guy and he knows your style.
You can improve your style fitting each other.

If it is a waiting game. Try this out:

NOD+GDI. Give each other a CY. A dual ion cannon and dual nuke is funny to watch.

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