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Project Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn: The Hardest missions!


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Remember the 1st GDI Mission? how dificult it would be if there is no Gunboat, or Reinforcemets?

Remember the 11st GDI Mission? It is a hard one right? think about it more hard...

Remember the 13rd Nod Mission? Well, if there's no Nuclear Strike, what you will do?



This is a REMAKE of the Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Campaign in a MOST difficult level, from hard to almost Impossible.


Status: Temporary Paused due i've no time for work on it... If you want to download the complete missions, click Here


Complete Maps:


GDI Mission 1

GDI Mission 2

GDI Mission 3

GDI Mission 4

GDI Mission 5

GDI Mission 6


Tested Maps:


GDI Mission 1:

Note: That one is hard now, your gunboat get neutralized soon.


GDI Mission 2:

Note: Still easy due the limitations of the TechLevel, but is more hard now


GDI mission 3:

Note: That one is hard engonth! i've spend 1 hour to beat that, lost 1 harvester and my base almost get destroyed by the enemy!


GDI Mission 4 EA:

Note: You have to be carefull because there's none reinforcements for GDI, and try to get in there with all units with Green health.


GDI Mission 4 WA:

Note: Same thing as EA


GDI Mission 4 WB:

Note: That is really hard! do not waste any units or you can't beat this mission!


GDI Mission 5 EA

Note: I made it impossible, lowering the dificulty...

Done, Beatable now.


GDI Mission 5 EB

Note: It is a copy of 5 EA


GDI Mission 5 WA

Note: That mission is a crap. i can't make much modificiations wihout remake the damn Nod base, units stay frozen in bridge, even talking about the lame of put grenadiers on it to make the infantry do not pass. it still Easy (for me).


GDI Mission 6

Note: Perfect and awesome! you have to kill many soldiers, and you can't use the lame of avoid the enemy base trigger using the trasport helicopter, because i put 2 sam sites on every place this lame can be used.


I will post the status here...


Comment, Post Sugestions!


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