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YR: snowyness (2-6)


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this is a four continent six player snowy terrain map suitable for various team-base games and features detailed lighting, a few randomized tech buildings, perfectly balanced ore placement, several garrisonable defensive building, and only moderate resources.
this map features mods to the AI and ini

the green dots on the preview are the randomized tech buildings, while the red are obviously spawn points

give me some feedback on this idk if anyone even plays ra2 maps anymore






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I like the idea of random creation tech buildings, and i hope you used balansed randomization list for that.

I don't think it's good idea to make .ini changes in pvp gameplay, they make map really worser! Only AI improvements seems would be good. However, try to make and add a list of .ini changes and make a map without them.

It's much appreciated you complied the map name standard used in the game. But the first letter should be uppercase: Snowyness (2-6)

From the given preview i can't say much about cliffs detailisation. Switch your map editor into "framework mode" and check if same cliff tile number repeats too often. Try do use different numbert to make cliffs to look more natural.

Too many trees "planted" along the cliff on the bottom island. Move them in some random order. (Maybe use different trees, if you used only a kind of it?)

I'm sorry, i can't download and check your map more carefully at this time, but generally i love this map and I want you try to fix the things i mentioned above, that's why my post might be look so critical.

Map really good among all of the maps other playerd doing and I'd rate it like 79 of 100. A really worthy map to play on, but still uncompleted a bit.

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AI edits feature:

the ai have been instructed to build larger bases and the continents get filled up nicely with base, hence the trees have been moved to cells that are unbuildable. revisions to the ai also include removal of battle bunkers and tank bunkers from the AI build list, and include seige choppers being built by the soviet AI, as well as dual airpads being built by the allied AI, and dual grand cannons being built by the french AI, because i though 1 was too few for the expanded bases. all in all, this wont actually affect pvp gameplay.

INI edits feature:

most basic infantry types can garrison now, with weapons to aproximate that of standard infantry garrison weapons in terms of damage, range, rate of fire, and the projectile going over walls, so it works smoothly. the 6 bunkers on the map also are modified to be stronger, repairable, and buildable off of by you and your allies and can serve as a land anchor early game.

I suppose it is worth mentioning that kirovs, disks, and gap generators are gone. if you cant live without kirovs, disks, and gap generators perhaps this is not the map for you. additional changes to support the map dynamic are higher adjacency for naval yards, and a boost to harrier and black eagle build times.

The updated revision of this map is better looking, more playable, and has a higher functioning and more agressive AI that uses naval and air against you a lot better than standard AI, incase anyone actually plays custom made maps.

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