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How to Play Tiberian Sun Online



Hey guys im new here. I didn even know it was possible to play online anymore.


Can some one send me a list of steps on how i can get setup to play tiberian sun online again. I hear you have your own match making server or something.


My email is [email protected]


I love this game and when i played i was number one in ireland every month i played.

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We dont have a matchmaking server but we do have CnCNet.

Basically it uses Tiberian suns lan play function to allow you to play, all you have to do is download the wsock32.dll on this page.

(we did have a server project but im not sure on its status however, the advantages given by a server over the current method are limited, not that its not worth trying)



Xwis controls the official servers now however they are very bad when it comes to welcoming new players and they arent very good at supporting anything but the Red Alert 2 servers


Post back if you have any other questions or quires.  :)

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the best place to play online is via XWIS (my point of view)

and TS works fine on Win7

I'm currently a Win7 user and it is working fine for me


Hey man. Be careful to check how long ago some threads were last posted in. This thread is 2 years old!

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