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(Suggestion) More builder maps on Ladder


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I haven't been playing in a while and have just done so a few days ago. I like how the ladder has improved by a mile ever since its first inception.

I noticed there's more maps being added to the list which is great, though as I recall it seems like an overwhelming majority of them are limited ore maps, standards or small maps that have bases near each other (i.e. good for rushers). The bolded ones fit this category:

- Path
- Island Wars
- Shallow Grave

- Arena
- p4
- Ribbon

- V3
- Union Break
- 4c

These types of maps heavily favour tankers-cum-standards guys like myself and robs... and while I could just keep mum about it and happily rake in points, I'm more interested in a true challenge that comes about from a fair playing ground for all. As you can see, only 3 maps favour builders - arena, hjk and v3. I took a look at the match records of experienced builders like Katsh, Yuz, Lauta and they've stacked up huge losses. Having played many 1v1s with Ninja on various builder maps I know how dominant he is and if more builder maps were added we'd see a very different ladder ranking. 

Hopefully we could add larger maps that have longer distances between bases or maps with small entrances, complete with all gems or unlimited ore... builders flourish on these maps. Something like Rasta / X-Gems / GTK. I find Rasta and GTK exceptionally boring but I'm suggesting them for fairness' sake lol. IMHO this makes more sense than having NXNW in the mix because practically only 3 guys in the whole community know the exact NXNW builds for each spot (robs ehy and I). By contrast the majority of players are more familiar with unlimited ore/gem maps and could adapt to them more easily even if they'd never played the map before.

Cheers, just my humble 2 cents and keep up the great work!

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We just had a poll about this a few days ago, you can find it here: 



We're going to have another poll at the end of the month, I'll be asking the builders and see what maps they would like to see in this months poll

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Building is naturally worse in 1v1. Even in hjk6 and v3 tankers have a very good chance at winning the game. throw in some arena-like maps, for instance super bridgehead or other 128x128 aftermath maps for tactical tanker games instead of just rush-to-win

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