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New Map: 4 Players, 2v2 or FFA - early and late game play (ancient aliens)


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Hey my friends,

I just made my first map. It is designed for FFA, but also works well on 2v2. I like to have huge maps because you can use different tactics and get creative. This map offers a wide variety of terrain: You have desert (soviet favor), hills, woods (ally favor), sea and even urban areas. I made it all pretty balanced with little gems (only in the center). The map also feels different on different locations and there are little details to enrich this feeling. You can rush it but also play it with a late game focus. You have to make good decisions. Due to the size of the map it's hard to defend your city base and your startpoint f.e.. If you move your army to rush an enemy base in the woods you may not have enough forces to defend your main base etc.. I called it ancient aliens because I first implemented some lunar items, but then realized they are hidden in the real game.



Some scenarios:


Most players will go for the diamonds in the center. For those who don't they have enough ore for now, but it won't reproduce, because there is just 1 ore mine on the start position.


Once the diamonds are out and the ore around the base is getting less and less Players will try to get to the big ore spots in the corners (up left, low right). This is also a spot where you can build naval units which can also make pressure to the starting position. Some players may avoid this clash and will go for the other 2 corners. You won't find that much ore there, but you have 2 oil derricks and a hospital there. Plus : You have no naval attackers.


Players may have to leave their first base because of naval attacks or low ore. Some may even hide in the woods or try to get classic map control via the ore spots on the corner, where are 5 ore mines.

I hope you enjoy it!



You can play this for 6 players too. Then you have two more sneaky spots in the city. You have less ore there, but you will have no that much confrontation in the early game.



ancient aliens (4 players).map

ancient aliens (6 players).map


How can I add an author tag?

Edits: Little improvements in the map.


FYI - added a navy version (climate change)

ancient aliens climate change (4 players).map






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  • Corners have no ore for the players, which causes them to have a very slow (and boring) start.
  • Middle statue is placed on top of some gems, which will not be accessible by miners and might cause miners to get stuck.
  • Top right ore patch has some trees placed on top ore that might cause miners to get stuck.
  • Due to the bridge layout, when the bridges on the sides & middle are destroyed or camped, players will have to travel very long distances for a land assault. Which will annoy a lot of players due to the pace of RA2/YR one can lose their entire base in that time and due to this most will end up playing defensively the entire game. I recommend replacing them with land bridges which you can find on the bottom menu in FA2.
  • You could place small water inlets nearer to the back of each base towards top left and bottom right corners so players can make use of navy earlier on.


You can @ tag me in the future if you want feedback. No need to PM. ;) 

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Thank you VERY much @FReQuEnZy ! :)

I made an updated version (updated the original post):

*Added 4 more bridges, so it's harder to interrupt rush intentions.

*Fixed Ore Errors

I didn't implement the navy spots on the start positions, because this will break with an idea I had to force players to build second (or even third) bases. If you expand to the corner you can build navy and push other players (who are camping at their start position) with navy. That's also the reason why I can't implement water bridges (unfortunately).

The 6 player map : Yes the corner-start positions are a little boring, but you have less confrontation so you need less ore (otherwise it would be the premium spot). It's for more stealthy players or even some 3v3 action with different roles. But well - I'm pretty unsure if this will work out properly - the map focus is 4 player.

BTW: It would be a pleasure to spec a game when some good players like you play this map.


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You're welcome.

I'd recommend making a better 3v3 version as there's a lack of good 3v3 maps.

Also maybe add a 5x5 gem patch at the starting spots with the corners rounded (erase 1 tile). It will speed up early game economy as it's a large map.

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@FReQuEnZy @McPwny

I updated the map.

Little more gems on each start pos.

More ore on pos 5 & 6.

Added ramps to 1,2,3,4 - to enhance early and middle gameplay.

My experience shows that everyone who camps in late game will lose. This map is dynamic (though it doesn't seem like that on the first look).

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