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  1. FReQuEnZy

    How to make RA2 & YR maps - Final Alert 2 Tutorial

    Does the error stop you from doing anything?
  2. FReQuEnZy

    Survival maps / Game mode

    Take your time, we'll release it when it's ready. Quality is a priority.
  3. FReQuEnZy

    What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    I can agree with that and with the fact that the feature to remember a login/auto-login seems to be indefinitely delayed. @dkeeton Though it seems that the YR client will never be unified with the QM client due to a recent move to keep the main client code more in line with original source to make fixing the bugs easier.
  4. FReQuEnZy

    Survival maps / Game mode

    @YosefAnan Help me out here Yosef!?
  5. FReQuEnZy

    Survival maps / Game mode

    @Alpaca The map database is not managed actively. Do you know of any other popular ones or could you direct other survival map makers here?
  6. FReQuEnZy

    Survival maps / Game mode

    @Hidan I just want the CURRENT most popular ones.
  7. FReQuEnZy

    Survival maps / Game mode

    I'm looking to compile all the best survival maps and throw them into one BIG map pack for people to download and for possible inclusion with the CnCNet Client. Please post your favourite survival maps in this thread with a download link or as an attachment. To find maps use this link http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=yr&age=0&search=survival Ctrl+F to find and type the name into the search box, hit enter. To share the link, just right click the map name and "copy link location" then post it here.
  8. FReQuEnZy

    Let's support this great guy

    Why? All he does is moan and talk hypotheticals.
  9. FReQuEnZy

    Patching the game

    Bugs and cheats are being patched already, however, cncnet caters for vanilla only. If you want to discuss with people who would consider this join this discord : https://discord.gg/z6bRD7j
  10. FReQuEnZy

    Laugh isn't working (F10)

    How would the renderer break f10 taunt and none of the others? Did one of the devs get taunted to death?
  11. FReQuEnZy

    THE TAUNT F10 (Laughing sound)

    I had the same issue two updates ago, can you guys go and try deleting the "version" file from your cncnet directory/folder? Then restart cncnet.
  12. FReQuEnZy

    YR Red-Resurrection has arrived!

    Another question, @OmegaBolt why use so many public resources (graphics) just for the sake of having the same structure look different? For example the alpha/beta Allied War Factory graphics...
  13. FReQuEnZy

    YR Red-Resurrection has arrived!

    Yeah, I gathered that, but you were also advertising your mod so I did expect some more 'sensible' gameplay as opposed to the newbie strategy. Using your miners to actually mine/increase your resources to tech up faster and use an actual proper counter would have looked better and demonstrated the unique straegies/units present in your mod. From watching the gemplay I saw that costly planes are useless against structures like in MO, why does every modder want to break that important mechanic? It really irked me, seeing that. Having costly units act as proper counters while fitting a somewhat logically niche is something that I was expecting from a modder I respected based on the assumption that quality voxels/graphics would at least equate to reasonable quality at other parts of the mod/game design. I'm not speaking as a 'top ra2 player' I'm speaking from having played StarCraft, Warcraft, all C&C except the most recent shit, KKND, Warzone 2100, COH, which are all good and top rated RTS the unit roles in those games are logical and immediately obvious when played for a bit, yet most modders seem to make this make a bit of everything and attack move at the enemy kind of gameplay. With MO taking a similar approach however it goes towards the other extreme that every unit counters something specific which is a nightmare to manage enjoyably (it's not fun in the slightest).
  14. FReQuEnZy

    YR Red-Resurrection has arrived!

    Vanilla games, they base games are so much fun once you learn the multiplayer basics to at least a medium-advanced degree. I know you've been modding, I'm dart5122/dartzo on ppmsite, been following your voxel and mod work for years up till 2010. My comment comes from the result of watching your video, using early game miners to push a tech defence is utterly, idiotic in strategic sense. The miners should in theory and by good game design be more useful mining, especially at the starting stages. You should have added air units that are able to deal with structures/units equally. I highly recommend that you check out some top player's streams and see how they use all of the vanilla arsenal in different scenarios.
  15. FReQuEnZy

    Can i block users?

    Yeah, he messages me too, with similar drivel. @Grant We NEED the block/ignore user feature from RA1's client!