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  1. help me! My computer is sick

    Go google. Try DNS
  2. Red Alert 2 Resolution

    If you heard the sound then the options should how all of the resolutions your screen supports. On RA2 the menus will always be surrounded by a black border, but once in-game it will scale to full screen.
  3. Red Alert 2 Resolution

    Hit caps lock and type "HIRES" at main menu, should hear a sound effect on success. Then go into options and pick resolution. Works both on RA2 & YR as far as I know. If it doesn't work your game version just doesn't support it, but I can post the version that does. (I think it has to be in caps Funky)
  4. I can't be 100% certain, as I didn't install it for him myself. He did, however, say that he followed my instructions to the letter when I asked him to make sure after he told me about the issue.

    Great to see how much people care about their enjoyability of the game. It's a true motivation to the volunteer staff. xD
  6. How use custom graphics in the maps?

    Run as admin with windows xp/7 compatibility, you might need to copy TS DDRAW into the programs folder for it to work as well.
  7. Fixing Internal Errors in Custom Maps

    It might be useful to find bugs and get em patched. @YosefAnan @ChallengerX_Pro Other map makers... Too Look at Chrono's post.
  8. RA2 menu buttons are invisble, but YR is fine?

    Here's your solution: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8350-new-ts-ddraw-release-tiberian-sun-red-alert-2-yuris-revenge
  9. So I tested the GDI version online with my opponent having it in his game dir and the menus were snappy for me, however, whenever my opponent went into the menus the game got massive lag spikes and he also said that it froze a 'bit'. His System: CPU i5 RAM 8GB GPU Nvidia GTX 1050Ti
  10. Known issues - tracker

    This problem is still present in the latest version, I've encountered another player who gets the same notification.

    It's time to start preparing for the next month's map pool and I'd like to know what you would like to see or want to be removed. Below is the current month's map list for reference. Map Allied Soviet Yuri Dune Patrol * * * Offense Defense * * * Dry Heat * * * Heartland * * * Montana DMZ * * * Country Swing * * * Dustbowl * * * Cavern's Of Siberia * * * Golden State Fairway * * * Coldest Peak * * * Poltergeist * * * Savage Winter * * * Reconcile * * * Landmarks * * * Pacific Heights * * Mirror Urban Marine Revisited * * Mirror Snow Valley * * Mirror Official Tournament Map B * * Mirror Jungle Of Veitnam * * Mirror Tour Of Egypt * * Mirror Yin-Yang * * Mirror Death Valley Girl * * Mirror Stormy Weather * * Mirror Pirate Bay * * Mirror Morningtide * * Mirror Meatgrinder * * Mirror Hammer and Sickle * * Mirror North Waves * * Mirror Paris Revisited * * Mirror Face Down * * Mirror South Pacific * * Mirror Bull Run * * Mirror Isle Of War * * Mirror Tsunami * * Mirror City Under Siege * * Mirror Tikal * * Mirror Heck Freezes Over (TvT) * * Mirror Little Piece Of Island * * Mirror Heck Freezes Over (RvR) * * Mirror New Heights * * Mirror The Path More Traveled By * * Mirror Soveriegn Land * * Mirror Head For The Hills * * Mirror Ground Zero * * Mirror Golden State Valley * * Mirror The Hills Have Eyes * * Mirror Glowing Waters * * Mirror Yellowstone * * Mirror Official Tournament Map Q * * Mirror Amazon's Delta * * Mirror Infinity * * Mirror Urban Rush * * Mirror Please avoid turning this into a discussion thread and keep your replies short.
  12. How use custom graphics in the maps?

    You can't add it into the map without having to include the graphics files in the download as well. Start searching here if you want a tutorial anyway : https://ppmforums.com/index.php?f=26
  13. Custom maps giving in-game errors

    Don't use that trigger. It doesn't work on CnCNet. Google for alternative ways to reveal the map at the start. Http://www.ppmsite.com Is a good spot to start.