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  1. FReQuEnZy

    RaVaGe banning ppl from Cncnet group

    That discord server is my PERSONAL server meant for content creators who target CnCNet based game mods and game clients, by either making videos or content such as maps. It is in no way officialy endorsed or affiliated by the CnCNet organization or staff. You were kicked for spamming the same information you already posted on the forums and for not understanding the word 'no'. I banned you when you went on a flaming/crying spree everywhere, discord DM, forum PM, now this post. I'm not a game moderator in any manner. I only create map updates for CnCNet, I wouldn't want a full staff position either, because I like my liberty and don't want be confied into a position where I can't call you a retarded annoying kid who can't take a hint. That's my unofficial statement to you.
  2. See screenshot, right side of the client is cut off.
  3. FReQuEnZy

    Ladder Suggestions / Feedback

    Nickname like Fir3w0rx is elite enough!
  4. FReQuEnZy

    Ladder Suggestions / Feedback

    Could just enable ladder players to log into the main cncnet client with their ladder account to display the awards.
  5. FReQuEnZy

    QM Client Feedback

    It's feasible depending entirely of the programmer's skills. For example when playing Counter-Strike Global Operations on the Faceit competitive network, their client sets up the competitive games similar to official, 5v5 but then the client software randomly picks two team captains who can reject/veto maps until a single map remains, then on-top of that it lets the captains vote/veto on the location of the server to optimize ping times. So I'm certain that it's feasible, it puts the choice in the competitors hands and allows them to have a fair choice.
  6. FReQuEnZy

    Some changes to the ladder for December 2017

    @Grant Maybe unpin and merge first post with ladder change log as the title and post date are somewhat misleading.
  7. FReQuEnZy

    Ladder Suggestions / Feedback

    Would be cool if the ladder profile would track historic achievements such as reaching top 10 ranks or any other achievements permanently. Even going as far as just recording rank, win count, most played faction, per month so players can see how they've improved from month to month. Feel free to add any suggestions here.
  8. FReQuEnZy

    QM Client Feedback

    @FunkyFr3sh Can you move this to ladder forums, as it's not really accessible here.
  9. FReQuEnZy

    RaVaGe invisible MCV then makes game not count

    I apologize for abusing my powers as a ladder admin and using game bugs even if it wasn't for the purposes of gaining a competitive lead.
  10. FReQuEnZy

    R.I.P ZiGZaG

    He was younger than me, sucks really, short life.
  11. FReQuEnZy

    .YRM not displaying in CnCNet

    Just a minor annoyance that will tests your sanity after some 100 maps later...
  12. FReQuEnZy

    Final Sun Complete & fixed

    That's fine, I did something similar with my RA2's unofficial patch.
  13. FReQuEnZy

    Final Sun Complete & fixed

    @Holland How did you make these edits? Is it possible to edit Final Alert the same way?
  14. FReQuEnZy

    What's the obsession with highest game speed?

    But... We got a need for speed!!!
  15. FReQuEnZy

    RaVaGe invisible MCV then makes game not count

    It's your third duplicate account on the forums.