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A hope.


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No matter how bad someone acts in this community I wish that forgiveness will always be within arms length.

I dont think a negative responce to negative acts reaps anything good.

We need to act positively to "threats" to the community. lets be loving, patient, inviting and charitable to the best of our ability.

We shouldnt let hardness of our hearts tear the unity apart.

This is just a hope. Thanks for your time.


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Didn't see this post until now.
Yeah, I've lost my cool with a couple of people before. But you're right.

It becomes difficult when the same mistakes are made over, though. I think, I judge people a lot on how they treat each other, too; which makes it harder to forgive when I see people ripping into others over little or nothing. Things to work on within myself, I guess.

I hope we can find a way through all of messes that have happened, because I've seen this community be really positive, and it's not only valuable to those in it now, but also to anyone arriving.

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