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It's been a month...DTA 1.11, CnCQM and better LAN preformance on C&C95?


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It's been a month since I posted news and I'm sorry for that. I've had and still have some sleeping problems, this makes it hard for me to do anything since I'm tired all the time. This in addition to school and having to wake up at 06:00 every weekday takes it's toll. Anyway time for some news!


First off Bittah Commander has released a news update for the standalone Tiberian Sun mod "The Dawn of the Tiberium Age" featuring many screenshots from this version. DTA 1.11 will include many new maps, new units and new graphics and a fully revamped and hard AI. More info at "their" main site.



DTA can be called TS, RA and C&C1 mixed together!


Myg has found a way to increase the performance in C&C95 LAN games by making the LAN mode use the online netcode in the game. This caused games to run really smooth even over huge distances however games are plagued by constant desyncs, hopefully this will be remedied.


hifi has also been hard at work. He has been developing CnC Quickmatch, a online interface for playing C&C 1v1 games online.


That's all for now, hopefully news updates will happen more often from now on.

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