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TFD 1.03 R5


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Made it myself ^_^ In need of a few people to test it...


Command and Conquer: The First Decade 1.03 Revision 5 Patch Notes


-Updates C&C95 to 1.06c

-Updates RA95 to 3.03

-Fixes RA95 ant missions and patches main.mix

-Adds Start Menu shortcuts, fixes some registry errors

-Adds color fix to C&C95 and RA95

-Updates Renegade with Core Patch 2 and Scripts 3.4.4

-Adds a WOL fix

-Fixes Tiberian Sun videos

-Adds no-cd/no-dvd patches to Tiberian Sun, Generals, and Zero Hour



-Adds ddraw.dll to C&C95 and RA95 to enable window mode

-Installs Renegade Resurrection

-Installs C&C95 Map Editor

-Adds savegames for C&C95 and RA95


If you have any problems after this patch, refer to:




Simply install to your desktop and then run the exe. It will do everything for you.


Download Part 1

Download Part 2


Nyerguds, if you know how to make this patch a lot smaller and easier, please make it so! I lack the skills to make a proper one.

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I know about 1.04. That's why I named this Revision 5 and not 1.04, since you'd include more fixes with 1.04 instead of just compiling all these addons together. By the way, alt-tabbing in games is a DirectX feature. Yuri's Revenge might use a version of DX8 that's incompatible with later operating systems. Thought it might be worth looking into for your 1.04 patch.


EDIT: Just checked again and it's a result of the 1.03 R4 patch. I used this one, R5, and I can alt-tab out of it perfectly.

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The scripts.dll 3.4.4 zip file and the installer don't come with a keys.cfg file that is required to use taunts and some new stuff that's also in APB, like the "Chat History Dialog" (the U key). Here's the content of my keys.cfg, it's the one included with the Core Patches plus it has extra keys that are also included in APB:




Put the keys.cfg file in the Data folder and be sure that the last line of the file is blank or it won't read the last key.



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